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Yogscast - Shadow of Israphel poster by panicoftheundead Yogscast - Shadow of Israphel poster by panicoftheundead
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What can I say? I'm crying right now and it's almost 6am and I just finished a project that I started over 6 months ago. HALF A YEAR! Holy smoke! That's a long time to spend on just one drawing. o_o I can't even say how many hours I have spend on this but I'm so happy that I finally finished it. It was getting overwhelming and I was kinda worried that I wasn't able to finish this But with the power of my awesome friends, the Classy Crew, I managed somehow.
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Love ya Classy Crew. ♥

There is lots of problems with this and I'm not 100% satisfied but I feel that I need to move on to other projects and give this one a rest finally. The thing I hate the most that since I started this my style have changed and I regret choosing this "semi-realistic" painting/drawing style. I should have gone with my more comic feel and that would had been quicker but I didn't really wanted to change what I started so I just stuck with the original plan. I lost motivation to draw this so many times and sometimes Photshop started to hate this since it has way too many layers and the file size was over 250MB. In the end I just forced myself in a long livestream to finish this, which helped a lot.

I wanted to do this for one reason. I just wanted to thank the Yogscast and their little show for giving me inspiration to draw again after 4 year after not touching pen and paper. And after that I found so many new friends just because of all the fan art I have been drawing for almost a year now. So I'm very grateful. I want to say so much more, but I'm exhausted, so I will end here. Hope everyone likes this and I will crash now.

Who read these things anyways?

But before that, full character list (not in order most likely):

Israphel, Um Bongo, Prof Grizwold, Granny Bacon, Father Braeburn, Daisy Duke, Reverend John, Skylord Baako, Skylord Vitali, Skylord Jasper, Skylord Lysander, Enoch, Mr Banjo, Strongman Bruno, Mr Astley, Madam Nubescu, Pirate Tinman, Isabel Peculier, Knight Peculier, Templar Adaephon, Karpath, Swampy Bogbeard, Fumblemore, Moira Magmabloom, Rory Rockhammer, King Finbar, Kormag Darkforge, Spacker LeChuck, Verigan, Grimjaw Slugface, Jock Fireblast, Angus Eyeless and of course heroes Honeydew and Xephos.

The whole project from start to finish: [link]

EDIT: This was showed in the Yogcast's Facebook and also check this picture of Simon out: [link] See that thing in the background? Made me so fucking happy and proud! :heart:
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June 22, 2012
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